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Monitoring of all mission-critical components

JDS provides server security and infrastructure security solutions that enable you to manage, monitor, and protect your IT systems and data. Our infrastructure security solutions protect from traditional cyberattacks, natural disasters, and other calamities.

We help our clients prevent security breaches by providing real-time detection and mitigation by blocking malicious traffic and allowing legitimate traffic to flow.

Superior Infrastructure Monitoring Security Solutions

File integrity monitoring security Solutions

File Integrity Monitoring or Change Auditing Solutions is a technology that monitors and identifies file changes that indicate a cyber-attack. It helps in determining whether the changes made to files are good or bad by providing insights and actionable intelligence.

Network Security Solutions

Network security is at the heart of JDS’s network solutions. Our goal is to help our clients in achieving advanced network security. We offer five main services to our clients:

Data leak prevention Security Solution

Our Data Leak Prevention services aim to prevent the loss of sensitive organizational data. These services help organizations understand the type of data they have and also prevent potential leaks that could take place on a regular basis. Hiring Data leak prevention services can help enterprises with:

Data Protection

We offer Data protection and backup solutions that are aimed at recovering and restoring business operations after the loss of data, interruption or disaster. Our solutions protect the largest and most demanding data center environments by offering breakthrough services for virtualized systems that go beyond what traditional backup services offer.

Infrastructure Monitoring Security Solution

JDS provides comprehensive infrastructure monitoring of all critical infrastructure components including applications, services, operating systems, network protocols, and network infrastructure. This service provides a central view of the entire operations network and business processes of the organization using powerful dashboards that give access to powerful monitoring information, third-party data, and quick access to information.

Authentication Security Solution

JDS helps our clients set up two-factor and multi-factor authentication solutions that help in preventing identity theft. Our solutions have several advantages like:

Managed Security Services

JDS offers state-of-the-art managed security solutions to our clients. From tailor-made comprehensive security solutions to specific solutions and services like anti-malware services, access control, penetration testing, our services give organizations all the protection they need.

Security Information & Event Management

JDS helps in eliminating threats faced by security information and event management platforms. We do this by:

The JDS Advantage


40+ years of experience in implementing complex projects and innovative solutions for our customers across industries


Certified and experienced engineers and technicians to provide customised and complete solutions to meet your business needs


Strategic partnerships with technology and industry leaders like Vertiv, Kohler, HPE, HPI, Aruba , Oracle , Microsoft, VMware, Elsafe


A technically experienced and dedicated team to provide onsite support and maintenance services

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