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Contactless - Guest Experience


Industries We Are Transforming

Our Contactless Guest Experience solutions help automate their check-in, in-room, and checkout experiences for visitors.

Leading players in the hospitality sector now prioritize providing contactless experiences. As part of this, contactless bookings, payments, check-ins, in-room voice assistants, and feedback are all offered and encouraged.

Technological solutions are overturning the hospitality sector as safer and more efficient self-service choices take the place of in-person encounters. In-app mobile hotel navigational instructions, contactless in-room entertainment, AI-enabled voice assistants, and even concierge robots are examples of the Contactless Guest Experience provided by JDS.

Our Solutions

Seamless and Effective Contactless Guest Experience Solutions

Hotel Digital Concierge Bots

Concierge Bot enables hotels to take queries or requests from visitors and answer them without needing phone calls or lines at the front desk.

Automating the check-in and check-out processes for lodging

Our technology is created to satisfy the changing needs of a new generation of travellers, who want a service that efficiently checks them into a hotel room with no hassle.

Providing safe, seamless, and customized hotel experiences for visitors

We offer services that detect and mitigate catastrophic conditions like a thermal runaway. It also minimizes shock, arc-flash, burns, and chemical risks by reducing the exposure of personnel to batteries.

Voice Technology for Guest Engagement

This makes it possible for hotels to implement contactless room control and guest interaction technologies. Visitors may use voice commands from their hotel rooms to obtain suggestions, further information, entertainment options, and service requests.

Providing Hotel Guests with a Personalized Experience

The purpose of this platform is to improve operational effectiveness overall, revenue per booking, and guest satisfaction. By handling every action on their own devices, guests may enjoy a smooth and frictionless check-in and checkout.

The JDS Advantage


40+ years of experience in implementing complex projects and innovative solutions for our customers across industries


Certified and experienced engineers and technicians to provide customised and complete solutions to meet your business needs


Strategic partnerships with technology and industry leaders like Vertiv, Kohler, HPE, HPI, Aruba , Oracle , Microsoft, VMware, Elsafe


A technically experienced and dedicated team to provide onsite support and maintenance services

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