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Isolation Transformers and Stabilizers

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JDS provides reliable transformers ideal for all types of enterprises

A low voltage transformer’s aim is to convert alternating current from one voltage level to another (higher or lower) or to the same voltage level without impacting frequency or power. The primary winding is the one that is stimulated by an AC supply, while the secondary winding is the one that produces AC output.

In the following fields, transformers (single-phase, three-phase, and three/single phase) are used:

  • Non-linear load supply
  • Isolation transformers for line separation
  • Non-linear load supply (K-rated transformers)
  • Groups of UPS conversions
  • Galvanic and rectifier industries
  • Solar power
  • Multi-functional (supply of industrial system in the tertiary sector, power distribution for industrial and retail structures, etc.)

Efficient Low Voltage Transformer Solutions

K Transformer

The K Transformer is the most used transformer in Data Centers for non-linear loads. Harmonic distortion is caused by non-linear loads, and K-rated transformers are isolation transformers designed specifically to manage this phenomenon. Examples include computers, variable speed drives, inverters, welders, and other non-linear loads. Harmonic generation causes increased current absorption and, as a result, higher losses.

In order to guarantee that the thermal class temperature limit is not exceeded, the existence of such harmonics must be taken into account in the transformer design.

The K factor determines how much harmonic distortion affects the system: the higher the K, the more harmonic content the transformer must withstand without causing damage.

The following are some examples of K factor profiles:

  • K13 – Telecommunication systems
  • K20 – Data centre, variable speed drives, data processing systems, PC

Our Solutions

JDS provides its clients with cost-effective and reliable voltage stabilizers

Digital electromechanical voltage stabilizers, static voltage stabilizers, and unique digital voltage stabilizers are all designed to avoid voltage variations in the supply in order to satisfy the client’s needs.

Efficient Stabilizers Solutions

Uses for voltage-sensitive devices include:

  • Industry, intensive breeding, food processing, packaging, and bottling
  • Tertiary and Servicing: banks, hotels and tourist resorts, data centers, labs, small enterprises, and individual users
  • Telecommunications: radio and television stations, as well as telephone networks
  • Hospitals, government agencies, and non-profits
  • Renewable energy sources: Solar and wind farms 

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