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Hosted Private Cloud

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Managed Private Cloud Hosting & Services

Our solutions help you avail dynamic scalability, reduced lead times and higher availability for your cloud computing.

Hosted Private Cloud is a virtualized data center dedicated to an organization within a service providers’ data center, specially designed to handle a company’s workloads. It offers the efficiency, resilience and scalability of a Public Cloud, with the security, control, and performance of a dedicated environment

The JDS Private Cloud solution gives your company complete administrative and hands-on control over your cloud computing deployment. Our Private Cloud Hosting Solutions will provide compliance in the most stringent regulatory settings, meeting regulations and a highly secure network environment. To fully support computing, processing, network, and storage, JDS ensures that your own Virtual Data Center (vDC) stays isolated, firewalled, and entirely secure.

Cost-effective and Scalable Private Cloud Hosting Solutions

Benefits Of Hosting your vDC at JDS Cloud

  • Flexible billing options
  • Credit-Based SLAs
  • 24/7 IT support
  • 24/7/365 Dedicated Hotline
  • Dedicated Service Account Managers
  • Reduced Capital Costs
  • Reduced lead time and faster deployment
  • Easy scalability of infrastructure
  • Increased security and high reliability

Our Services


The Managed Private Cloud from JDS is extremely secure, providing customers with a fully managed vDC environment that includes computing, storage, and networking.


When you choose unmanaged VPS hosting, you are solely responsible for management and monitoring. Any of the managed services can be incorporated as an optional add-on.

The JDS Advantage


40+ years of experience in implementing complex projects and innovative solutions for our customers across industries


Certified and experienced engineers and technicians to provide customised and complete solutions to meet your business needs


Strategic partnerships with technology and industry leaders like Vertiv, Kohler, HPE, HPI, Aruba , Oracle , Microsoft, VMware, Elsafe


A technically experienced and dedicated team to provide onsite support and maintenance services

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