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Unplanned data center outages present difficult and costly challenges for organizations. For this, JDS provides battery monitoring solutions for an uninterruptible power supply.

Batteries are one of the most ‘low-tech’ components that support any mission-critical data center, but they are also the most vulnerable part of an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system. Even a single defective battery cell can hinder a data center’s entire backup system, especially when adequate UPS redundancy has not been implemented.

Data centers that utilized our battery monitoring systems installed onsite by us, reported a reduced rate of outages. JDS’s battery monitoring systems by clients increase the Mean Time Between Failure by more than double when compared to just preventive maintenance.

Our Solutions

Provide All Kind Of Independent Power Producer

Predictive Maintenance

This feature helps in proactively addressing battery-related issues that were not noticeable before, by allowing users to visualize all critical information and know the real state of health of the batteries at all times.

Enhanced Availability

Our solutions help in detecting open and shorted batteries and thereby cautioning against imminent battery failure. They eliminate the risks that may arise due to human failure.

Increased Safety

We offer services that detect and mitigate catastrophic conditions like a thermal runaway. It also minimizes shock, arc-flash, burns, and chemical risks by reducing the exposure of personnel to batteries.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Our battery services enable extended maintenance intervals by basing maintenance on the condition of the batteries rather than a randomly timed schedule. It also helps in automating all of the IEEE recommended practices for battery maintenance and testing except for visual inspections.

Reduced Replacement Costs

Our services enable extended replacement intervals by basing replacement services on the condition of the batteries and not on arbitrarily timed schedules. We also provide documentation to support warranty claims.

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