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ERP Solutions & Data Management


Our ERP Solutions & Data Management can help your business become future-proof and keep up with change.

JDS offers ERP and data management systems to assist in managing the everyday business operations of your company, including accounting, finance, procurement, project management, supply chain management, and manufacturing.

With the software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery model for ERP, the ERP software works on a network of remote servers when provided as a service in the cloud instead of inside a company’s server room. Instead of a costly upgrade every 5 to 10 years with an on-premises system, the cloud provider manages, fixes, and upgrades the software multiple times a year. Since it eliminates the need for businesses to buy software, hardware, or new IT workers, the cloud may save both operating and capital expenditures (OpEx and CapEx). These funds might be used to invest in new business prospects, and the company always uses the latest ERP software.

Our Solutions

Efficient ERP Solutions and Data Management For Enterprises

Readily Deploy New and Developing SaaS Technologies

ERP systems continue to become a lot simpler to use and operate, even without any new or extra input from the end user.

Increase The Value of Your Current ERP System

Cloud applications may be integrated and augmented to enhance and supplement older software for crucial functions.

Access new technologies

Find cloud solutions that may enhance your historical ERP software and provide instant business capabilities and value without requiring a significant change to your current business processes.

Reduce third-party dependencies

Without the requirement for a new vendor relationship, using cloud applications from your legacy ERP provider frequently offers the same or superior insight.

More reliable security solutions

Large, full-time teams are entirely devoted by cloud solution service providers to proactively monitoring and staying up to date with cloud security concerns and threats, 24/7.

The JDS Advantage


40+ years of experience in implementing complex projects and innovative solutions for our customers across industries


Certified and experienced engineers and technicians to provide customised and complete solutions to meet your business needs


Strategic partnerships with technology and industry leaders like Vertiv, Kohler SDMO, HPE, HPI, Aruba , Oracle , Microsoft, VMware, Elsafe


A technically experienced and dedicated team to provide onsite support and maintenance services

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